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Discarded News Sources:

  1. AlterNet

💩 Dan's "News Source Shit List"

These are "news" sources to avoid, or to at least take with a giant grain of salt if you're compelled to take a gander.

  • Breitbart - Please, BrightFart. Don't get me started. Could you pander to ultra right-wing nutjobs any more than you do?
  • Epoch Times - If you are a fan of The Epoch Times, you clearly have not peeled back the onion that is the organization's origins, ownership, ties to Shen Yun & Falun Gong and their fearless leader Li Hongzhi, who has allegedly acquired but never demonstrated "the superb great law with supernatural powers" including invisibility & levitation. Epoch Times claim they bring "real" news that "other media outlets don't report," which is one of those trademark catchphrases that catches the attention of conspiracy theory lovers idiots who want a more titillating story than the simple truth.
  • Fox News - It's scary how many American COWS (Can't Outsmart Wild Stories) watch this POS network. Fox News is the biggest masturbatory show on television when it comes to "just asking questions" (also known as JAQing off) as a means of making wild accusations acceptable (and ideally not legally actionable) by framing them as questions rather than statements.
  • New York Post - Once in a while the New York Post will publish a worthwhile article, but they have such a regular habit of posting fiction as news that it's best to steer clear.
  • Scientific American - As a fan of science, I can no longer support this publication. It seems they've lost their adherence to basic scientific principles (peer review, sensible application of statistics to "findings").
  • The Washington Times - If you like Fox News, you'll love The Washington Times for their ultra-conservative drivel and disregard for facts.
  • 🚧 (More to come!) 🚧

Explanation: Every human has known & unknown bias, so it's impossible to find a news source that isn't biased in some way or another. While I'm open to listening (albeit briefly) to all sides, I won't click on links that will help line the pockets of hateful people or grossly misguided people with advertising money. The news spewers listed above have earned a step on this all-star podium of disreputable "news" douchebaggery due to one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Complete disregard for publicly-accessible, independently-verified facts.
  2. Significant or major ownership by narcissistic douchebags who:
     (a) lack a moral compass
     (b) exhibit racism, misogyny & other forms of hate
  3. Ownership by companies (like Alden Global Capital) that destroy the journalistic infrastructure of their newsrooms.
  4. Dismissal of journalists & reporters who push back on the publication's bias or storytelling.
  5. Omission of breaking "bad" news exposing their own faults (especially when the news is so big that it makes headlines in almost every other publication).
  6. Support for seditious, treasonous politicians claiming to be true politicians.
  7. Unwillingness to support improvements in gun legislation or publicly-funded mental healthcare that can reduce gun-related deaths.


Inquiring minds do their f-ing homework using sources with some journalistic integrity. Our news delivery channels have changed a bit over the last couple centuries. In 1851, Paul Julius Reuter, a German born immigrant, arrived in London from Aachen where he had been running a news and stock price information service using a combination of technology including telegraph cables and a fleet of carrier pigeons that grows to exceed 200. This helped Reuter establish an enviable reputation for speed, accuracy, integrity & impartiality. Reuter opened an office with the help of an 11 year-old office boy at 1 Royal Exchange Building in London's financial center and located close to the main telegraph offices. He transmitted stock market quotations and news between London and Paris over the new Dover-Calais submarine telegraph cable, using his “telegraph expertise.” Reuters is now part of Thompson Reuters, listed as "Reuters" above (in the USA section because of Thompson Reuters' headquarters in New York City).