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Kenilworth by Bill Lacey — In memory of the late, great Bill Lacey of Kenilworth, with a slight assist from Lerner & Loewe.

Alternate version of this song is posted on this page.

Bill Lacey was a dear friend of Doris & Jim Goese from 1972 until his death on September 5, 2008.

Bill was a graduate of Columbia University. He was awarded the Purple Heart and Silver Star in World War 2.

While in Kenilworth, Bill worked in advertising. He played the piano, which he learned by listening to his sister taking lessons.

This track, "Kenilworth," from his unfinished operetta called "Housework," was converted in loving memory from vinyl to CD by Jim Goese in 2012.


Lyrics: Kenilworth, by Bill Lacey, 1970

I know a place where care will never find you,
A consecrated peaceful bit of earth,
A place where you can leave the world behind you
Called Kenilworth.

You contemplate the quiet satisfactions
Of knowing you are qualified by birth
For life among the other Anglo-Saxons
In Kenilworth.

Unlike the plain in Spain,
It wouldn't dare to rain,
In Kenilworth.
And when the water's gone
There's sprinklers in the lawn.

The train goes to Chicago every morning
Pulling me away from Kenilworth;
But things turn out all right
It comes back every night...
At least, it's come back every night so far
To Kenilworth.

Though other people envy us they love us,
Of public admiration there's no dearth;
Still we're so glad there's not too many of us
In Kenilworth.

The people here succeed with hardly tryin',
The smell of sweet success pervades the air,
And everybody sends a bloody scion
In you-know-where.

You always know just where you're at
There's not a living Democrat
In Kenilworth;
We all join hands in church
And pray for Mr. Birch.

I think I could be happy here forever
Until a speeding car brings me to earth.
But still no harm is done,
Just a playful neighbor's son,
For no one ever really ever makes mistakes
In Kenilworth.

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