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News & Reference [DRAFT/WIP]

News Sources 🌱 Environment & Climate Change (alphabetical list):


This is a curated list of videos and movies that will help build your awareness about global warming and your understanding of the many ways you can help mitigate the human-caused damage to our environment. (runtime in hh:mm:ss)

  1. Small Choices, Big Impact (2:15) — Short animation that builds awareness of the energy and materials required to satisfy our high-consumption society.
  2. Planet of the Humans (full-length documentary, free on YouTube) — This documenary done by Jeff Gibbs with executive producer Michael Moore isn't 100% accurate or the least bit optimistic. But it does a damn good job of pounding home the basic facts...



  1. EPA | EPA Archive |
  2. IPCC (United Nations)
  3. Lenntech (Netherlands)
  4. National Geographic
  5. Union of Concerned Scientists
  6. USGCRP (US multi-agency)
  7. Wikipedia

Also see supplemental terms that don't appear in many of these online glossaries (like VoCC) on local drive under:

General Environmental Science Reference:

  1. -


CO₂ Sequestration:

  1. Azolla Foundation
  2. EcoWatch
  3. PCOR
  4. USGS
  5. Wikipedia


Coral Death & Destruction:

  1. Chasing Coral
  2. PBS News Hour


Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

  1. Coal: Engine of Change (historical video)



  1. -