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The ride described below is in the past.
Help the futures of thousands by supporting another ride for cures and care.

California Coast Classic
Arthritis Foundation Fundraising Bicycle Tour
Sponsored by Amgen


This page is dedicated to all my friends and family who helped make this ride possible through their generous donations to the Arthritis Foundation.

I'd also like to thank my family for putting up with my extended absence during this ride. They must also be thanked for coming to welcome me back at the end of the ride. OK, since we're in a thanking mode, I must also thank them for being independent and patient enough to let me ride like a free spirit on my countless "training" (read: FUN) bike rides every week over our lifetimes together.

Links to Pictures:
  • Click HERE and HERE for Dan's pictures (aka pictures of Jackie's Kuhn's ride).
  • Click HERE for Jackie Kuhn's pictures (aka pictures of Dan's ride). Note: You can view the photos in the Kodak EasyShare Gallery without registering or signing in. Look in the lower right of the Kodak page for "View photos without signing in" link.

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Summary of the 2005 Ride
(Edited text from CaliforniaCoastClassic.org)


From left to right: Dan, Jackie Kuhn, Pam [Evans] Mudd, Dennis Mudd, Woody Woods.

Thanks, Jackie, for getting us all involved in the fundraising and this great ride!


Day One: San Francisco to Santa Cruz
Saturday, September 24th
All cyclists begin at the bustling Fisherman’s Wharf / Pier 39 in San Francisco and cycle down the coast into Santa Cruz, completing a total of 85 miles.

Day Two: Santa Cruz to Monterey
Sunday, September 25th
This leg of the tour measures 53 miles and takes you through the dramatic landscape of the California countryside before resting for the night in picturesque Monterey.

Day Three: Monterey to Big Sur
Monday, September 26th
A short 40 miles will bring you into the spectacular landscape of Big Sur.

Day Four: Big Sur to San Simeon
Tuesday, September 27th
As you negotiate your way through the scented forests of Big Sur, you will continue into San Simeon after enjoying a brief rest stop in the locale of the world-renowned Hearst Castle. For those of you keeping count, you’ve just cycled another 66 miles!

Day Five: San Simeon to Pismo Beach
Wednesday, September 28th
Absolutely beautiful. If the pedaling doesn’t take your breath away, the scenery will! A mere 60 miles, this leg of the tour will allow you to soak up your surroundings as you cycle along world famous beaches.

Day Six: Pismo Beach to Solvang
Thursday, September 29th
Enjoy the breathtaking views and pleasant surroundings as you wind your way into Solvang.

Day Seven: Solvang to Ventura
Friday, September 30th
You’re almost there! Be sure to explore the Danish-flavored town of Solvang as you make your way towards the day-end destination of Ventura. Today’s total mileage is an impressive 78 miles. Great [steep, hot 109ºF] riding!

Day Eight: Ventura to Los Angeles (Santa Monica Pier)
Saturday, Ocrober 1st
Congratulations! You’ve done it! Having cycled a final 60 miles, you will cross the finish line in Los Angeles to fanfare and an emotional welcome. A victory party will help you celebrate this unique trip and reflect on your outstanding achievement.