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Ricoh Theta S Online User Manual

Images can be found at any one of the following sites.

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Uploading Theta images to Theta360.com:

OK, this part makes sense:

I wasn't planning on joining Twitter, but given only two means of logging in (Facebook or Twitter), this seems to be the lesser of the two evils:

Of course I want Ricoh to read all kinds of information they don't need:

Ricoh screwed up here & will hopefully fix soon. They should include a menu choice that just says "upload to Theta360.com." Their marketing guys want you to help them spread the word, even if you just want to push your image up to Ricoh's site then embed a dynamic (aka USEFUL) moving image that includes the XMP data needed for interactive aspects that show this is more than a simple "panoramic" camera.

After spending an hour trying to figure out how to post to Theta360, I gave up and tried the "social" menu option, which fortunately provided this dialog box with a clarifying title..."Post to theta360.com" Thank you, sort of.