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Personal Financial Planning Program

Financial Calculations:



Interest Rates:

  • Effective vs. Nominal interest rate
  • e – The mathematical constant (also known as "Euler's Number") is the factor used in continuous compounding computations. (2.71828...)

General CFP& PFP Reference:

Potential Investment Objectives:

  • Capital Preservation: Protect initial investment by choosing investments that minimize the potential of any loss of principal.
  • Growth: Increase the value of your investment while recognizing the high likelihood of volatility.
  • Income: Provide current income rather than long-term growth of principal.
  • Speculation: Assume a higher risk of loss in anticipation of potentially higher than average gain by taking advantage of expected price changes.


★ Financial Star Quality Ratings ★
of La Jolla-Based Financial Planners*


*La Jolla Guide Financial Star Ratings incorporate the following factors:

  1. Is not a broker or dealer; there is no interest in "churning" your assets for their profit (and your loss)
  2. Unbiased; is not affiliated with any particular brokerage, insurance company or other financial institution
  3. Holds current CFP® certificate
  4. Office based in La Jolla
  5. Other proprietary assessment metrics

*CFP is a registered trademark of Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.


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