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Memento mori.
Fac significantia.
Carpe diem.

Mickey does freelance
3D VR animation at
Mickey Goese 3D Design & Animation

Maddie does marketing
and social media for
Casting Networks.
Maddie at Casting Networks

Marina del Rey

Dear Motorist

Welcome to Goese.com, the Goese Family server.
Die Domain Goese.com wird als Email-Portal der Familie Goese genutzt.

Dear Humankind:
We have bad news.
We are destroying our "home" (Earth)
at a rate that we don't fully understand.
The "global warming" dialog in political
circles is generally naïve, counterproductive,
and heavily influenced by the energy sector.
We must reduce CO₂ emissions now!
Many people are not fond of "science"
but do like watching movies.
If you watch just the first 20 minutes
of a Netflix movie called "Chasing Coral"
you will better understand how URGENT
this man-made global ecosystem crisis is.


If you study global warming, you will
quickly learn that a more appropriate
label for the phenomenon is
People are slow to appreciate the
magnitude of the problem because
it is growing over years and decades
rather than minutes and hours
the way other "newsworthy" items are.
A fair analogy of our stewardship
of our environment goes like this:
We're driving a big bus with
brakes that aren't as good as we think,
down a hill that is steeper than we think,
and the curve in the road just ahead
is sharper than we think.
See more at EnvironmentalApocalypse.com
including this Action Plan you can
adopt to start helping today.

🎭 Home of the Holiday Heckler™ (2002-2018)
Note: The Heckler went paperless in 2018,
so if we don't have your email address you
won't receive it anymore. Send Dan your info
if you want to receive the Heckler once a year.

Hello! ¡Hola! Hallo! Olá! Bonjour! Привет!
☮ ❤ 😊 Aloha! Ciao! Hej! Привіт! Witaj! 🤡!

Hear Mimi Goese sing...
Mimi on YouTube

Click on a photo below to find any Goese family member
in the official gaggle of geese.
If these are not the Goeses you're looking for, try here.
Click HERE for Katie Gallagher Goese's fine art.
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Classroom Aquatic virtual reality (VR) game
▼ by Mickey Goese & his Sunken Places partners. ▼


Once upon a time,

in a place far, far away called "Wisconsin,"
a young couple fell in love and married.

Doris & Jim met each other at a Friday night
"Marquette Mixer" on December 16, 1949.
Click to see the Dragon! :)

Mom sez, "...at this point [above], we weren't
even really serious about each other."
Dad sez, "I was serious." Somewhere down the road,
they both got serious & something clicked...NINE times.
When we were young
our parents moved a lot,
but we always found them.


69 years later, Jim & Doris Goese
are still smiling and having fun together!
We're all alive and well, nobody's in jail (yet),
and we have each other's love.
Mom & Dad
World's Greatest Parents
celebrate their 88th birthdays in 2019!

Some people think you need to be "successful" to be happy.
The truth is this: You need to be happy to be successful.

One Love


Whatever arises, LOVE that!


MdR Beach Rental LLC
Find salvation through cycling!


1959 Race to Father Dan's Bike Chapel

Charity Navigator


Good News Network

La Jolla • Sunnyvale
Marina del Rey • Sarasota
Counce • Yucca Valley
North Point • Northbrook
Willow • Elmhurst • Chagrin Falls

Judge Not That Which You Do Not Understand


Unicode & ASCII Characters


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For Goese Golf Club in the Netherlands, click the banner below.
Goese Golf Club

Holland's Goese Mixed Hockey Club site is here.

TV de Goese Maan Dutch tennis site is found here.

Step away from the desk!
Now go get some real exercise.

Secret Weapon


Where'd they all go?
MusicMatch was sold to Yahoo! in 2004.
Marketing Counsel, Inc. was closed in 2011.
Outlook Research (USA) is closed.
Rent La Jolla Shores LLC was closed in 2018.
Dan's time is split between family, cycling, travel,
property management & mediocre landscaping.

Billions of people are comforted by religion in a world torn by religion.
(Some people aren't very bright.)
Just remember the golden rule & leave a positive emotional footprint.
Positive Emotional Footprint

The Goese family mourns our tragic loss.
Matt Cowan (1985-2014)
Matt Cowan
Please donate. Learn more here.
We love you, Matt.
Matt Cowan in lava rock

How shall we care for this amazing vessel that affords us life and comfort? Shall we fill the oceans with plastic? Shall we shower it with nuclear radiation? Shall we pump CO₂ and poisonous NO₂ into the air until it resembles the uninhabitable planets we're so anxious to explore? Let's not.

Regardless of our significance (or lack thereof), we must do our best to make our situation better for those around us and those who will follow in our footsteps.

There comes a time in your life when you just walk away from all the drama and the people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad, and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living. Every day is a blessing. While you soar through space in this amazing place, take a deep breath. let go of your anxiety, and be perfectly still, loving & serene.

That's something you can do for this world.
World peace starts in your mind.
LOVE your day and your day will be better.
Gratitude—savoring the POSITIVE circumstances of life—will make you happier.
When you're happy, others around you are happier.
ALLOW. Sometimes what you resist persists. Resisting or "embracing" a painful experience can wear you down. Try to just "allow" it for a spell.
Are you now ready to spread peace, love & happiness?
– 𝒟𝒶𝓃

😊 Cheers!


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"There are really just five simple lessons to life.
Be honest, work hard, have fun, be grateful and pay it forward.”
— Bruce Halle, Discount Tire founder (1930-2018)

Environmental Apocalypse